About Us

We represent a small team of people with unique experience in ‘front-line’ negotiation, problem-solving, and mediation in contentious region world-wide. For over 30 years, Prof. Dr. Trondalen who also leads the team has conducted this experienced-based crisis managment and training.

National delegations, government ministers, chief negotiators, UN-staff, diplomats, national security and intelligence officials, and technical delegates from almost 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, as well as in South East Asia have been clients.

About Professor Trondalen

Since 1993, Dr. Trondalen has been a ‘front-line’ negotiator, facilitator, and mediator in several contentious regions involving bi- and multilateral negotiations; as well as providing strategic advice to national governments, and assisting international organisations and corporations.

Prof-II / Adjunct Professor, Security and Conflict Management, ‘Executive Master Program’ / Special Advisor at the Norwegian Business School BI, Oslo (2018-2020/21).

As a full professor from 1993 to 2000 (2005), at the University of Oslo, he specialised on international Resource Geography with emphasis on conflict resolution.

He has many years of experience from the World Bank and emergency operations.

Dr Trondalen has several times been granted a Special Fellow status of the United Nations.

He has also worked with “Early warning – Early Action” in conflict zones and security management.

Author of several publications and negotiation & crisis management training manuals, including the recent book, “The Art of Handling Crisis – Media, Conflict resolution and Life-Decisions – Personally, Corporate, Public and International” (English and Norwegian – available for clients and participants in the training courses, new ed. 2021).

The more comprehensive book, “Water and Peace for the People – Possible solutions to water disputes in the Middle East” derives from his experience in four of the main disputes (published by UNESCO, Paris in English and Arabic).

– Founding Director of CESAR Foundation, Norway (1994-2004) and Compass Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland (2002-2017).

“Negotiations, Problem-Solving, and Conflict Resolution
are applicable in all walks of life.”