We offer strategic advisory services,  mediation, crisis and conflict managment assistance

In almost all cases, ‘independent’ advice / assistance are advantageous during critical, stressful, and deadlocked situations. However and preferably, one ought to request such advice / assistance before ‘situations’ and conflicts escalate.

We have relevant and documented experience in these fields, and offer:

  • Strategic Advice especially for people in positions of strategic decision-making, crisis or conflict managment.
  • Analysis and counter-deceptive strategies.
  • Mediation and fasilitation assistance to individuals, companies, organizations, and states that are directly involved in a conflict or negotiation ‘situation’.
  • Tailored training to companies and  international organizations as well as national authorities directly involved in a conflict ‘situation’.
  • Development of conflict analysis that reflects the parties’ concerned underlying objectives and strategies – in business, nationally and / or internationally.
  • Personal coaching and counselling to people who have to deal with emergencies, crisis, or other tense and conflict situations.

In recent years, we have achieved a participant satisfaction rate of over 90%. We believe the reason for this is that we meet the expectations of the participants by challenging their needs by building on their already acquired strengths.

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