Advisory Services and Training Courses

We offer a “360-degree” strategic advisory service – cf. “ADVISORY SERVICES

In addition, we offer different competence building arrangements; with a 3-4 day standard course, which is most common to be followed up with a 2-3 day built-on course. Depending on the target group, answers are given to questions such as:

  • How to prepare for a negotiation, e.g., getting a right mind-set and analyse your options?
  • How to analyse your adversary and the counterpart’s perspective, and how do you design your approach?
  • How to maintain a dialogue, almost with anyone?
  • Reacting to lies and what to do?
  • How to build an in-team strategy and identity?
  • Presenting your arguments effectively?
  • If a negotiation is already in progress: What to do?
  • How to secure your information (“information integrity”) as well as counter-deceptive methods are also included.

Emphasis is put on strategic and tactical issues in negotiation and crisis managment.

Focus is also put on the impact of your or your counterpart’s/adversary’s ‘indirect’ communication; intended and unintended body-language; cross-cultural business cultures and protocols; ‘must-do and not-to-do’.

Practical steps are offered in order to cope with the “openness-trend” like ‘open’ social media and use of instant ‘covert electronic recording’ devices, which are influencing the confidential nature of any negotiations and talks.

Tailored Courses

We also offer courses that are tailored to specific needs of the participants – and as in the standard programs; each participant gets a manual and hand-outs for personal reflection during and after the sessions.

We have experienced that behavioural change happens when ‘the tire meets the tarmac’; creating resonance with your own personal and professional experience.

The case-studies and role-plays are tailored to the reality of the participants; like resolution of transboundary disputes for water professional; contract negotiation and workplace disputes for the private and governmental sector; and crisis-management and ‘hostage-negotiations’ related to e.g., anti-terrorist personnel.

Real life Exercises

The courses are designed on real-life experience, and are directed towards direct and every-day application for the participants in a complex working environment.

The tailored course could be like one of the following or combination of:

Crisis Management Negotiation & Communication

Communication skills are the heart of negotiation, but in a crisis management situation we also emphasize the combination of such skills with practical and applicable analytical skills in order to understand ‘the crisis situation’ and especially what you can and cannot do under current circumstances.

Executive Coaching ‘One-to-One’ basis and to Teams

We offer such coaching to individuals, corporations, organisations, and to government institutions and provide feedback on particular challenges at hand.

Corporate and Public Communication in Relation to Negotiation Situations

The courses are based on a common platform, which we believe are common irrespectively of professions. Tailored elements are therefore adjusted to the need of your company and organisations according to our experience.