What is Unique?

We have experienced that academic knowledge alone does not change your behavior, and our aim is to touch your personality, emotions and professional challenges, but that does not, of course, exclude us from deriving parts of the teaching from accepted academic findings.

Therefore, ‘training concepts with live ammunition’ means that the methods, cases and role- plays are close to reality and are therefore relevant for the participants.

Irrespectively of circumstances, we offer methods and tools to solve complex problems by moving from hostile and tense situations towards solutions. (In French, Arabic and Portuguese with simultaneous translation.)

Video Recording for Personal Benefits

Finally, one of our most important experiences is that participants benefit a lot from video recording in “near-real life situations” (for personal use under discreet conditions).

In recent years, we have achieved a participant satisfaction rate of over 95%. We believe the reason for this is that we meet the expectations of the participants by challenging their needs by building on their already acquired strengths.

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