Clients and target groups

Since 1993, we have provided strategic advice and conflict management assistance to national authorities, international organizations and businesses as needed.

Over the years, people from all walks of life have participated in our training courses – from corporate leaders in Europe and Northern America to security personnel from high tense areas in the Middle East – either as individuals or as part of national negotiation teams – such as:

  • Multinational corporations and small businesses dealing with complex projects
  • International organisations world-wide; incl. several agencies and organisations of the United Nations incl. Peace-keeping missions, SADC (southern Africa), NBI (Nile Basin), MRC (Mekong) and ICRC
  • National governments; including national negotiation teams; diplomats and chief negotiators as well as diplomatic cadets
  • International development agencies
  • Professional and technical experts dealing with various types of negotiations (incl. land / water disputes)
  • Security and anti-terrorist experts
  • Educational and academic institutions

In recent years, we have achieved a participant satisfaction rate of over 90%. We believe the reason for this is that we meet the expectations of the participants by challenging their needs by building on their already acquired strengths.

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